Business Insurance

Business pic for web site in front of storeLooking for insurance for your business? C&M has you covered! We know your business is your livelihood and we take insuring your business very seriously. We have the agents with the know how and expertise to handle all your business insurance needs, from an in-home business to a major manufacturing facility, we can get the job done right; the right coverage at the right price. But at C&M that is just the beginning. Any agency can offer you competitive insurance coverage, but what happens after the sale? Let’s face it, most Insurance Agents are on the road a lot, meeting with customers and prospects like you, as they should be – out doing their job, so they may not always be that easily accessible.

We know when running a business you are busy, time is money and you want your account handled now, not later. At C&M Insurance our fully staffed in-house service team of experts stand ready and very willing to take your call and help you with any thing that may come up. From faxing/emailing a certificate of insurance for you, to immediate claims action, we are here for you.

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